Canada's Wonderland is the most popular theme park in the country. Located in Vaughan, Ontario, the park is open from May to October every year and has more than 200 attractions in total. The theme park first opened in 1981, and was the first major theme park to open in Canada. Originally known as Paramount Canada's Wonderland, the theme park was sold in 2007 and the 'Paramount' portion of the name was dropped. The park's attendance has exceeded three million each of the past few years, and trends show that the theme park is seeing increased attendance every year. They also have the record for the most roller coasters for any theme park that is located outside of the United States with an amazing 15 coasters.

Construction of the theme park started on June 13th, 1979. A number of companies partnered with one another to design and build the theme park. It would not officially open for two years. Canada's Wonderland cost more than 120 million in total to build, and included a number of different attractions at its launch.

There are a number of themed areas that are located inside of the park. Each area provides different kinds of entertainment for visitors. The most popular location inside the park is International Street, which serves as the main street inside of the park. Both sides of the street have retail shops that allow you to purchase park related souvenirs, clothes. International Street also includes a number of restaurants and other food stores. The street leads directly to the park's main attraction, Wonder Mountain.

Another portion of the park, Medieval Faire, has a medieval European theme. Many of the shops and locations are built with an old European style of architecture and most of the original rides in the location had European-themed names. However, in recent years a number of rides have been added to the Medieval Faire that did not feature themed names including some of the most popular attractions in the park like the Drop Tower, Shockwave, and Speed City Raceway.

Splash Works is a 20 acre water park that is located within Canada's Wonderland that is also very popular. It has 16 waterslides, and the majority of the area is only open during the hotter summer months.

Canada's Wonderland is also home to a number of children's areas that have children's themes. One of the most popular areas is Nickelodeon Central, which features rides and games from the popular television network. Some of the rides feature themes from Rugrats, Wild Thornberry's and Dora the Explorer, which really resonate with the younger crowds.

The most recent roller coasters that were built is the Backlot Stunt Coaster, which opened in 2005. It is a relatively tame Steel coaster that has a Hollywood theme to it. The Behemoth is a steel coaster that first opened in 2008. Standing 230 feet high in the air, the Behemoth is easily the largest roller coaster in the park.

Canada's Wonderland is an excellent venue that has something for people of all ages. Because of their huge selection of roller coasters and children's areas, they have rides that will satisfy both the young and old.

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