Harbourfront is a renowned neighborhood on the north shore of Lake Ontario. It is considered to be within the downtown area of Toronto, Canada, extending from Tonge Street to Bathurst Street. The area has been used for shipping since the city was first formed. When the city was first founded, the waterfront extended all the way to where Front Street is today. Eventually, the water surrounding Front Street was filled in by a landfill, which created piers that were perfect for industrial development.

In 1972, it was announced by the Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau that they would be revitalizing the Harbourfront neighborhood. Instead of keeping it a strictly industrial neighborhood, they peppered the area with a number of museums, art galleries, and boating areas.
The Harbourfront Centre first opened on January 1, 1991. It is a nonprofit organization that is in charge of mandating public events that operate within the neighborhood. The organization has been responsible for launching the careers of a number of artists that normally would never have been booked in commercial venues.
The Queen's Quay Terminal is another heavily visited location in the Harbourfront neighborhood. It is located directly next to the Harbourfront Centre, and was operated as a warehouse that has been converted to a building that is operated by a number of high end retailers and commercial office space, as well as a number of high class restaurants.
The area is also known for its large number of parks and open spaces. Instead of opting for one large waterfront park as many cities often do, Toronto instead elected for a network of different parks that each provide something different to visitors and tourists. The HTO Park is one of the most popular destinations in the area, providing umbrellas and tables along the waterfront for passerby's to take a break on. There is also the Simcoe Wave Deck, a deck that simulates the waves of the ocean which opened in the summer of 2009, and has quickly grown into a popular destination for children and adults alike.
The area has a number of transportation options that are available to help you get from one location to another. The most popular form of transportation are the streetcars, which can take you to all of the major locations in the Harbourfront neighborhood.
Just off the shore, in Toronto Harbour, are the Toronto Islands. They are an extremely popular destination for recreation, and are home to a small residential community. You can gain access to the Toronto Islands through a number of ferry services. The islands are notoriously car-free, and make up the largest car free community in North America. Some vehicles, including bicycles and canoes are permitted on the islands. The community consists of more than 250 homes that have been built on the islands since they were first occupied more than 200 years ago.
A trip to the Toronto Islands will provide an excellent view of the Toronto Skyline, and the lush hiking trails and wildlife make for a great time for any visitor or tourist.


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