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Toronto Head Office

29 Pemican Court unit #8
Toronto, ON
M9M 2L4

Phone: 416-661-6166
Toll Free: 1855-524-9361

Hours of Operation

Monday 10AM - 6PM
Tuesday 10AM - 6PM
Wednesday 10AM - 6PM
Thursday 10AM - 6PM
Friday 10AM - 6PM
Saturday 10AM - 2PM
Sunday Closed

Rent a car before opening hours and after closing hours

We do provide rentals prior to our offices opening and after closing for clients desperately in need we go out of our way to make any of our customers happy yes. Please contact us.

Airport Pick up location & Drop off

We are 15 minutes away from the Toronto Airport, we will pick you up from the airport and drop you back off upon departure date we do provide late airport pick up's and drop off's depending on the arrangements given to us prior to renting a car.

Hidden Fee's and Extra Charges

At Kaizen rent a car we believe in no hidden fee's and everything disclosed prior to the rental date for a stress free car rental experience here at Kaizen. What we quote you online is final.

Can you rent a car with out a credit card?

We do not accept cash deposit methods or prepaid credit cards, A Valid credit card is required upon arrival or your rental will be refused.

Deposit amount to rent a car

Our standard deposit amount is $500 down on all visa or mastercard.

Cancellation Agreement

Reservations cancellations are allowed 48 Hours prior to pick up, Any cancellations after that time will result in a two day rental charge.

Securing a reservation

A reservation online must be secured by a valid credit card, you're credit card will not be charged online.

Can I Drop the car rental of at different location

We do not allow drop off's at different locations car must be returned to the same pick up location

Can i travel outside of Canada?

Yes you may as long as we are notified about the travel location. Extra Kilometer charge and border restrictions may apply

Kilometer Restrictions

200 Kilometers are allowed per day at a maximum of 3500 for monthly rentals. Additional kilometer rates are 18 cents per additional kilometer for sedans and 22 cents for vans, 27 cents for high-end vehicles.

Car Rental After Accident

We offer exclusive 24 hour service for car accident claims providing you with a comparable vehicle or larger with a few required documents, Direct Billing to your insurance company, After a car accident need rental in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Woodbridge, Maple, Vaughan, Oakville, Etobicoke, Malton, Milton, and all across the Greater Toronto Area with Kaizen we offer this exclusive service right to your doorstep and we match rates with your insurance company depending on the insurance company providing you a hassle free insurance rental experience.

What would it cost me & what type of vehicle can i get after a car accident?

Well as long as you don't own a business and have full coverage it will not cost you anything if you come with us after a car accident and get a rental we will pay you with our incredible service offered exclusively only in the Greater Toronto Area. You are entitled to a comparable vehicle, if we do not have a comparable size we will provide you with a larger vehicle with no extra cost!

Minimum age required

23 if you are purchasing insurance, Otherwise if you carry you're automobile insurance you will be able to rent regardless of your age, If you are carrying Credit card insurance then you will be subject to sign a form stating you are declining our insurance collision coverage's and liability coverage's and you will only be covered for Collision. Liability insurance is sold separately.

Company Cancellation Policy

At times we may request that you book elsewhere due to reservations cross paths, or we can recommend another car rental agency with a price match of our quote. We do provide 48 Hour notices to reservations that are being cancelled, and recommended agencies can be given upon request.

Early Return Policy

Early return may result in a full rental charge

Additional drivers

You can add one additional driver at an extra charge

Extending a rental

You must provide us 48 Hours prior to extending a rental over the phone and you may be required to return the vehicle due to on going reservations.

Fuel Charges

You must return the vehicle with the same fuel in which it was given to you at. Or you may be subject to pay the fuel cost plus a 20$ administration charge


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