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Rent a car before opening hours and after closing hours

We do provide rentals prior to our offices opening and after closing for clients desperately in need we go out of our way to make any of our customers happy yes. Please contact us.

Airport Pick up location & Drop off

We are 15 minutes away from the Toronto Airport, we will pick you up from the airport and drop you back off upon departure date we do provide late airport pick up's and drop off's depending on the arangements given to us prior to renting a car.

Hidden Fee's and Extra Charges

At Kaizen rent a car we beleive in no hidden fee's and everything disclosed prior to the rental date for a stress free car rental experience here at Kaizen. What we quote you online is final.

Can you rent a car with out a credit card?

We do not accept cash deposit methods or prepaid credit cards, A Valid credit card is required upon arrival or your rental will be refused.

Deposit amount to rent a car

Our standard deposit amount is $500 down on all visa or mastercard.

Cancellation Agreement

Reservations cancellations are allowed 48 Hours prior to pick up, Any cancellations after that time will result in a two day rental charge.

Securing a reservation

A reservation online must be secured by a valid credit card, you're credit card will not be charged online.

Rental Date and Time

Pick up date:

Return date:

Rental Location Information

Pick up location:

Dropoff Location: