The Ontario Science Center is a museum that is located in Toronto, Ontario, and is one of the most popular museums in the country. The first efforts to plan for the museum first came to fruition in 1961 during the expansion period of Toronto. Raymond Moriyama was eventually hired to design the building in 1964, and opted for a very unique design for the Ontario Science Centre. The design brings together three main buildings that are connected by bridges. The building itself follows the contours of the nearby don River Ravine, which actually houses portions of the Ontario Science Centre.

When it opened, the museum was famous for bringing the most complex scientific topics to the masses in an understandable way. The OSC basically shaped the way for science museums as far as designs and exhibits go.
Throughout the 1970's, the Ontario Science Centre was one of the largest attractions in the nation. However, throughout the 1980s, mostly due to competing attractions, the visitation rates dropped dramatically. Most of the displays that were originally placed in the Ontario Science Centre had become outdated or broken by that time, and the museum was badly in need of renovation. With a multitude of other attractions opening in the area, the Ontario Science Centre was having a hard time attracting the crowds that it once did.

Their most popular current attraction is the "Harry Potter Exhibition." The exhibit features a number of props from the "Harry Potter" films that have become vastly popular. The museum was also the host of "Body Worlds," which features a number of real human bodies that have been preserved for study.

The Ontario Science Centre also features an auditorium that can hold up to 1000 people and is often used by schools in the area during field trips. Today, the Ontario Science Centre also hosts their Science School, which offers credited grade 12 University Preparation courses that help ready the students for their time in college. The program offers programs in a number of different subjects. Students also spend a great deal of team explaining the exhibits and locations within the museum to visitors.

Directly in front of the museum is the Ontario Science Centre fountain. It has been there since the construction of the building, but recently underwent renovation to become the centerpiece of the front of the building which is named the Exploration plaza. The Exploration Plaza first opened on September 20, 2006. The fountain features a hydraulophone, which is a hydraulic action pipe organ that is always open for passerby's to attempt to play.

The Ontario Science Centre may not be the heavily visited attraction hat it once was, but efforts to rejuvenate the attraction have led to increased visitation in recent years. Their exhibits are among the most interesting the area has to offer and the organization that runs the museum has made sure to bring in a number of different exhibits like the Harry Potter exhibit to increase attendance. The Ontario Science Center is a wonderful location to visit for tourists and local visitors alike.

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